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Florida Urgent Rescue

Jacksonville, FL

Florida Urgent Rescue

"Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) is a foster-based rescue that saves animals from kill shelters and other urgent situations. We joke that "Urgent is our middle name" and sadly, that's true all too often. In addition to rescuing animals from rural shelters, we take in way too many major medical and cruelty cases, as well as a high percentage of heartworm positive dogs. "

~People's Health & Wellness Clinic

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"Our FUR Urgent Transport Program has helped with emergency transports during many hurricanes. In a nutshell, we try to help the animals who need the most help. We spend 3 times more on veterinary expenses than we take in from adoption fees, so we rely on donations to make up the difference."

Nominated by:

Scott King, VP & National Director of Electrical Safety Services

Palm Coast, FL


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"I reached out to FUR  looking for a small rescue dog. I was amazed how thorough they were when choosing homes for their dogs and cats.  They don’t just give anyone a pet.  They want to make sure that all the animals they rescue go to a really good home to ensure their wellbeing. FUR or Florida Urgent Rescue saves animals from kill shelters, puppy mills and other dangerous situations.  When I met the little puppy I was interviewed to take home from a temporary foster home, I was fortunate to meet the mother (Zoey) of this little pup.  We both immediately bonded to each other.  She had been rescued from what we believe was a puppy mill.  She was in rough shape.  I ended up taking both dogs and never regretted it. FUR’s cause is amazing yet heartbreaking, what these poor animals go through, but FUR brings them back to health and finds wonderful homes for them."

~Scott King

40 years


Celebrating 40 Years of Service with 40 Weeks of Giving