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Gilly's House

Wrentham, MA

Gilly's House

"The mission of Gilly’s House is to assist those men seeking long term recovery from addiction to have the time and opportunity to do so. The last year has been difficult for Gilly’s House, Inc. a non-profit to fundraise, which is how we are able to provide scholarships and activities for the men at Gilly’s. Gilly’s House is so grateful to Hallam-ics for their continued support of our mission."

                                                                    ~Gilly's House

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"This wonderful donation will help particularly with some wellness events we think are important to recovery. These activities would include  having a nutritionist come to talk about how different foods affect us; our mood, energy level... We would invite a recovery coach to have some group discussions about transition needs to living independently. To learn some stress reduction techniques we would offer some meditation sessions. These are a few of the items the donation would possibly help to fund."

Nominated by:

Rick Harper- Project Manager

Mansfield, MA

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" I met Barbara at our Wrentham day celebration. She was trying to raise awareness of the opioid crisis while suffering from the loss of her son to an overdose.

She was in the process of renovating a former nursing home with the intention of creating a safe house for addiction victims.

She has succeeded, with help in fact, from the MA/CT Hallam-ICS office crew, who applied their skills in various ways during a Hallam-day service program. She was overwhelmed with our organized approach and so thankful for all the repaired or constructed items we crossed off her to do list.

Her continuing efforts to raise awareness and dedication to the opioid community is the reason Gilly’s House has been nominated as a recipient of our 40 weeks of giving."

~ Rick Harper

40 years