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Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity

Williston, VT

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity

"Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to build decent and perpetually affordable homes for low-income working families currently living in substandard housing. Substandard housing can mean they can’t find an affordable apartment and are living with family or friends; or they are living in an unsafe, overcrowded and/or an apartment costing more than 30% of their income. The homes we build will always remain affordable due to a clause in the deed and if a family needs to sell their home we will buy it back and sell it to another low-income working family."

~Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity

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"Future homeowners must contribute 400 hours (for two heads of household; 200 hours for a single head of household) in sweat equity helping to build their future home working with volunteers. Volunteers are trained and supervised by skilled builders as they do appropriate tasks and their labor helps to keep the cost down. Of course we hire tradespeople, like electricians and plumbers and excavators to do the skilled work. We sell each home for the actual cost to purchase the land and build the home with no profit.."

Nominated by:

Brenda Matthews- Chief Financial Officer

South Burlington, VT


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"Many years ago, I had the honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity.  The Board, staff and volunteers are caring, thoughtful, warm, and determined people.  They are committed to their vision and have proven success year after year.  Hallam-ICS’s relationship with them began with David Hallam while he sat on their Board.  He recruited me to the Board as Treasurer and retired shortly after.  For many years Hallam-ICS provided support to GMHFH with donations and support for their phone-a-thon fundraising by providing use of our offices and phones (prior to unlimited talk cell phone plans) several times a year.  Since 1984, Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity has been building simple, decent and affordable homes for low income working families.  They partner with families and volunteers to build and finance wonderful living opportunities for families.  The families they serve obtain security, stability, and independence as a result of affordable home ownership.  I am thrilled to nominate them as a recipient for the Hallam-ICS 40 years of service, 40 weeks of giving campaign.."

~Brenda Matthews

40 years