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Lake Champlain Land Trust

Burlington, VT

Lake Champlain Land Trust

"This generous donation from Hallam-ICS will support our Land Conservation Program, which focuses on saving critical lands along Lake Champlain—to benefit wildlife, protect biodiversity, safeguard clean water, and expand public access to the outdoors ."

~Lake Champlain Land Trust

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"The Lake Champlain Land Trust is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1978, that works in partnership with communities, landowners, and partners to permanently conserve and steward the islands, shore lands, forests, parks, and natural areas of Lake Champlain. The Lake Champlain Land Trust has conserved over 11,500 acres, 17 islands, and 23 miles of lake and river shoreline in the Champlain Valley—including more than 25 public access areas"

Nominated by:

Dylan Kerkes- Mechanical Engineer

South Burlington, VT


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"Lake Champlain is an integral part of Burlington and the entire state of Vermont. I live near the lake and enjoy its beauty several times a week. The Lake Champlain Land Trust is a group that works to preserve the lake and surrounding land that brings so many of us joy. Its hard to imagine Vermont without its “great” lake and I want to support groups that aim to keep it healthy for generations to come. "

~Dylan Kerkes

40 years