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Outright Vermont

Burlington, VT

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"Outright Vermont’s mission is to build hope, equity, and power for LGBTQ+ youth in Vermont. We believe that youth are the experts of their own experiences and we are here to help them enact change in their communities, within systems, and most importantly, for themselves. From school classrooms to the statehouse, Outright ensures LGBTQ+ youth, their families, and communities have the resources they need to survive and thrive."

~Outright Vermont

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" Since 1989, we have been building hope, equity, and power with LGBTQ+ youth in Vermont.  Founded by a small group of queer adults, after a national survey discovered that queer youth were dramatically at higher risks of suicide than their heterosexual peers. This all happens thanks to a dedicated staff, volunteer crew, and board of directors that give their time, skills, and money to move our mission forward. "

Nominated by:

Bill Neuburger-Director of Engineering

South Burlington, VT

Bill Neuburger

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"The mission of Outright Vermont is  to provide support for queer youth in Vermont. I have seen the positive results from their programs in my children and their friends. How does Outright VT inspire me?

  1. Their weekly group social sessions outside of school deliver a regular, supportive opportunity to be around other LGBTQ kids and young adults.
  2. The Outright staff energy is amazing, they have genuine enthusiasm for the cause. They are more excited about what they do than I am about engineering.
  3. Other than their parents, the adults kids spend time with the most are teachers and staff in schools. Outright VT goes to schools around the state and trains faculty and staff to better relate to their queer students.
  4. Their annual summer camp attracts kids from around the country and gives a great chance for LGBTQ adults to be great examples to youth on what life's possibilities are."

~Bill Neuburger

40 years