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Project Hoeppner

Hinesburg, VT

Project Hoeppner

"Project Hoeppner is focused on promoting discussion, awareness, and prevention of teen suicide. We created Project Hoeppner in response to our 17-year-old son Paul's death by suicide in October 2018. Initially, our goal was to get kids to say, "I need help" and for their loved ones to hear it.  But we quickly realized is that help is hard to find. As we find ourselves further removed from Paul’s death, we realize that preventing teen suicide is more than identifying and addressing the crisis."

~Joe and Sue Hoeppner

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"Preventing teen suicide is providing tools, encouraging habits and teaching strategies kids can access their whole lives.  We are partnering with a company called Inner Explorer to provide mindfulness tools for VT kids.  We see this as part of an overall strategy to prevent teen suicide. We have on-boarded a number of schools in Chittenden County and hope to expand our reach this school year. "

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Pete Niarchos- Sr. Controls & Automation Project Manager

South Burlington, VT


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"Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the US for people ages 15 – 24. The Hoeppner family lost their 17-year old son Paul to suicide in 2018. They created Project Hoeppner to increase awareness about the catastrophe that is teen suicide and offer courage for teens to say “I need help” and for their loved ones to hear it. In the past year, Project Hoeppner partnered with Inner Explorer to provide mindfulness tools to local schools, supplied mental health novels/guides to educators, sponsored a grief counselor for families experiencing traumatic loss,  and sponsored events to provide opportunities for teens, their loved ones and the community to connect and communicate honestly with each other. "

~Pete Niarchos

40 years