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Raleigh Rescue Mission

Raleigh, NC

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"Raleigh Rescue Mission equips individuals experiencing homelessness to establish long term stability. This gift will be used to empower clients in obtaining jobs - critical for long term stability. "

                                            ~Raleigh Rescue Mission

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"Through our 6-phase New Life Plan, we provide all necessities and counseling for our clients to regain employment. They obtain counseling and tutoring, childcare (if they have children with them), gain vocational and skill training, and complete our Jobs for Life class. Once they graduate, we partner with local businesses for them to get permanent jobs and focus on a career mindset.   "

Nominated by:

Zack Baldwin- Mechanical Engineer

Apex, NC


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"Raleigh rescue mission takes a ground up approach to helping homeless individuals and families in need of help. They provide as much needed support to people in our community as well as assistance dealing with the underlying causes such as trauma, domestic violence, family tragedy, job loss, etc. This organization is important to me because of increase of homelessness in the Raleigh area due to today circumstances and the growth of the city. It is great to have a helpful organization to lead people to get the help they need. "

~ Zack Baldwin

40 years