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St. Mary’s Home for Children

North Providence, RI

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"Your $2,500 gift will be slated to provide mental health services to the children and families seeking care from St. Mary's. The pandemic has especially had implications on clients' access and ability to pay for services, having high deductibles or co-pays and this gift will help to provide the much needed hope and healing from impacts of trauma they may have experienced."

~St. Mary's Home

2017 Community Service Award

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"This boy is the best thing that ever happened in my life. He is my inspiration with everything [he] has been through. I’m alive again because of this boy. I’m truly blessed for all that St. Mary’s has brought into my life.”

~ Christine Hunt

Christine (mom) and son, DJ.   DJ was a youth who lived at St. Mary's.

Nominated by:

Jeff Silcox- Chairman of the Board & Southern New England Regional Manager


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"Walking the halls at St. Mary’s Home for Children with Mike, he greets the kids with enthusiasm, and by name, sometimes exchanging high 5’s.  He works in Facilities Maintenance & Operation, and I don’t think it’s a requirement of his job . . .

Linda talks about “Our kiddoes”, and she says it like they’re hers . . .

Marie and one of her students are eager to show me their classroom.  It’s in the interior of the building and has no windows.  The colors are festive, and I know she cares deeply . . .

Carlene says “Our kids aren’t poor little things.  Our kids are strong and resilient”, and there is fire in her voice when she says it. 

I get up each morning thinking about making a profit.  The staff at St Mary’s Home for Children gets up each morning, thinking about the welfare of these kids, and I am in awe of them."

~ Jeff Silcox

40 years