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STEAM Train, Inc

Middletown, CT

STEAM Train, inc

"The funds received by Hallam-ICS will be used to help fund two important core programs of STEAM Train, our new workforce development Fast Track program offering free training in Information Technology (IT) skills to prepare adults for careers in the digital marketplace and hosting Connect-In-Tech Camp to introduce teenagers and adults to the world of computer technology."

~STEAM Train, Inc

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"STEAM Train remains committed to our mission of bringing greater exposure and opportunities by strategically training, educating, assisting, and mentoring the vulnerable among us. The work is great and we have only just begun, but we anticipate great results. We are profoundly grateful for the support of partners like Hallam-ICS."

Nominated by:

Mark Felgate- Lead Electrical Engineer

Middletown, CT


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"We initially supported STEAM Train a few years ago as one of the recipients of our annual giving for their mission to reach multi-generational members of the community where our Middletown office is located that are under-represented, under-served, and under-resourced to introduce them to the STEM fields and help them to realize that they can succeed in that type of skilled work. We met the founder of STEAM Train when she came to our office and expressed her appreciation. As we talked with her and heard her heart and passion for community that STEAM Train benefits, we were inspired to not just give but to partner in their mission. We not only gave financially but gave of our time and taught at various STEM camps for the under-represented, under-served, and under-resourced youth in the city.

At the end of a day session involving high school aged youth, I asked if anyone was inspired. One of the youth said she was inspired. And that is what it is all about. Inspiring someone who thought such skills were out of their reach and show them that they not only could, but did succeed.   They just needed to be encouraged that they can aspire to pursue opportunities that they felt, or others implied, were out of their reach. They just need someone to tell them and help them realize that they can pursue, and more importantly, succeed in obtaining those opportunities. That is why I am so happy to nominate STEAM train for HALLAM-ICS’s 40 Weeks of Giving."

~Mark Felgate

40 years