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Windham No Freeze Project

Willimantic, CT 


"We are a small organization with a staff of 4 year-round employees (executive director, shelter manager, community navigator, and housing specialist) and we are funded by donations from the community, local foundations, and small grants from the municipalities we serve. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to have volunteers to assist with our daily hygiene services and have had to hire staff to be here for showers and office hours. The grant funding we receive from Hallam will be used to support our summer services, including the increased need for cleaning and laundry, due to the pandemic. We are very grateful for the support of organizations such as Hallam to be able to do the work that we do. "

                                            ~Windham No Freeze Project

2019 Community Service Award


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"The Windham Region No Freeze Project is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to the survival of adults in our community who are experiencing homelessness or are unstably housed. Founded in 2003 by a group of concerned citizens, the No Freeze Project provides safe, temporary emergency shelter during the coldest months, November through April every year. We are dedicated to helping people end their housing crises and we are open year-round for office hours and showers for people who are unsheltered. "

Nominated by:

Jamie Spalding- Engineering Manager

Mansfield, MA

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" It was pitch black, freezing cold, and snowing heavily as I cautiously drove home one night this past February. I barely made out someone walking in dark clothing, with the flow of traffic, on the other side of the road. His name was Mike, and he had lots of answers that didn’t make a lot of sense to my many questions. He was headed for Providence, a 14 hour walk in the best weather, but a deadly walk in those conditions. He had no coat or flashlight, no water bottle or food, only a ragged sweatshirt, and tennis shoes. My home was only minutes away, but the thought of going there seemed to terrify him. I called my friend, and manager, of the Windham Region No Freeze Project, fearing that there would be no space due to Covid restrictions. “sure, we’ll find room” was the answer I longed to hear, and the one Mike so desperately needed. When we arrived, Mike settled into a chair, having no belongings, I noticed Mike had grabbed a discarded coffee cup from the floorboard of my car from the morning commute to keep his frozen hands occupied and to try and fit in to an unfamiliar place. Mike rested soundly that night on a bottom bunk with clean blankets and pillow, caring staff to keep a watchful eye, and the knowledge that there were people in the world that cared for him. This was home for the next few days for Mike, as the staff tried to connect him with other local resources for permanent housing and counseling. Eventually Mike moved on, perhaps to Providence by now. Someone else occupies that bunk now, but their story shares a piece with his; the love and care given by those who endeavor to make sure the at risk population of our region knows that someone loves them, and that they have a place to go at night when it is too cold to remain outside. Mikes life was saved that night, and many more are transformed as the Windham Region No Freeze provides a place to start over and begin again. I am grateful to work for a company that has supported in the past, and continues to support, this good work in the community I live in. "

~ Jamie Spalding

40 years