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Wrentham Food Pantry

Wrentham, MA

Wrentham Food Pantry

"The Mission of the Wrentham Food Pantry is to serve our Wrentham neighbors in need with a supplemental supply of food at no cost to them. We are the clearinghouse in Wrentham for organized community giving in support of food relief. We are 100% Volunteer run so that every dollar raised or donated goes directly to purchasing food."

~Wrentham Food Pantry



" One of the programs that your donation will help us continue is a pilot program that we started earlier this year. Once a month we prepare bags that include most of the ingredients for a specific recipe in a cookbook we give to all our clients titled "Good and Cheap." Each recipe in this cookbook is designed to maximize ingredients and teach economical cooking methods. "

Nominated by:

Rick Harper-Project Manager

Mansfield, MA

Rick Harper 225 x 225

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"Nothing brings people together like good food. The Food Pantry provides a three-day emergency supply of food to Wrentham residents in need on a weekly basis. In addition, they provide special meal distributions at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Client confidentiality is a top priority. People face enough hardships; food should not be one of them. The amazing work Wrentham Food Pantry does makes me proud to nominate them for the Hallam-ICS 40 Weeks of Giving."

~ Rick Harper

40 years