My Hallam Story
Brady Duggan

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Brady Duggan | Instrumentation Controls Technician

My Hallam story started by chance really, finding the listing for an open controls technician on Indeed. Having been in the electrical field for the past four years, I had limited exposure to controls, but every opportunity I had greatly interested me and left me wanting to learn more. As I got close to completing my electrical apprenticeship and achieving my journeyman license, I found not only the want but really the need to continue learning within my current field and into areas that I hadn't had the chance to fully explore.

I was hired on to Hallam in October of 2022 starting in the panel shop and really could not be more excited to grow my skills into an industry that really seems to be exploding. I believe the future of a lot of electrical systems relies on the development and expanding of the controls industry. Being able to start on the ground floor and learn from those who have been doing it longer than I have been alive is truly an amazing opportunity. The Hallam community seems not only willing to teach, but excited and motivated to pass on their skills and expertise, and I have felt welcomed since my first interview. I really am so excited to be able to continue my development of skills and education with a company that is not only passionate about the work, but also values me as an individual. Hallam feels a lot more like a career as opposed to just a job, and I consider myself exceedingly lucky to have this opportunity.