My Hallam Story
Burton Preston

Base Office: Apex, NC


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Burton Preston | Control Systems Manager, South Atlantic

Prior to coming to Hallam I spent 6 years in the Navy stationed in Pearl Harbor. As I was getting out I went through a phase like most veterans do, wondering, “What do I do now?” I returned to Vermont because my family was here and I started looking for a job.

Most of the jobs I interviewed for didn’t jump out at me because I would have found myself doing very repetitive work. I ended up finding Hallam through a temp agency. They were looking for someone to support a job at Amylin Pharmaceuticals. It was a new construction in which Hallam received, inspected, and tested all of their instrumentation and valves in Vermont. Hallam then followed up with an initial on-site calibration in Ohio. The job sounded interesting to me and when they talked about all the other work they did it sounded like the perfect fit. I started working on the Vermont part of the project while I was with the temp agency. Three months into it I was offered a full time position. On my first day working directly for Hallam I got on a plane flying to Ohio for the next 5 months.

I enjoyed working in many different industries and on different process systems. With every project I got to learn and experience something new. When I decided it was time to go back to college for an Engineering degree everyone at Hallam was very encouraging and supportive. I started here as a technician doing installations, calibrations, and panel builds but now I am also programming process control systems.

Aside from being a job that I enjoy, I also work with great people. Everyone works together and helps each other out to make sure the projects are completed successfully. After my years with Hallam I’m still glad I started here and I’m looking forward to the future.