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Casey Hanlon

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


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Casey Hanlon | Assistant Controller

I was born and raised in Westford VT, a very small, rural, and quiet place just 30 minutes outside of the city of Burlington.  I went to Champlain College in Burlington and graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor’s in Accounting after four short years.  While in school, I worked sometimes up to three jobs at once while focusing on my studies, working very diligently to gain experience and knowledge of accounting while still learning it in school.  I worked as an accounting tutor at Champlain, I did bookkeeping on the side, and I worked as an AP temp all before I graduated.  My hard work paid off when I was approaching graduation, and instead of being worried about not finding a job at all, I had the opportunity to choose between competing offers with different businesses in Burlington.  I accepted a job as an Assistant Controller straight out of college that actually brought me out to Phoenix, AZ, where I lived for a few years.  While in AZ and working full-time as an Assistant Controller, I decided to pursue my MBA as well. Although the desert is a beautiful and captivating place to be, and a place I look forward to visiting again in the future, I missed the beautiful changing seasons of Vermont and came back just after I completed my MBA in 2017. 

I left my job in AZ with a new degree under my belt, excited to find a great new place to work back in beautiful Burlington VT.  I packed up my things (and two dogs and a cat!) and drove cross-country from Phoenix to Burlington in four days, not knowing where I would be working next when I finally got back home.  I stumbled across an ad online shortly after I returned for a Staff Accountant position with Hallam-ICS; I checked out the website, and I remember being intrigued by the many benefits the company has to offer its employees, as well as the culture of the company, and I immediately applied.  I was excited when I was asked to come interview (twice) and thrilled to have been offered the position shortly after.  Although I am still fairly new here, it is clear that everyone is respectful, friendly, and like family.  I feel very welcomed by my new colleagues here at Hallam-ICS, and am having a blast getting to know the intricate work of the accounting department and the organization as a whole.  I am very excited to see where this position will take me, and where the company will be heading in the years to come.     



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