My Hallam Story
Christian Bossio

Base Office: Austin, TX


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Christian Bossio | Senior Controls Engineer

While studying Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I was not sure where my degree would take me. It wasn’t until I took classes in embedded controls and did some programming that I knew I wanted to work in automation or control systems. As I searched for these opportunities, many told me it would be hard to go into the automation field with my degree, but I took on the challenge. After several interviews and a few weeks before graduating, I received an offer as a system integrator in the pharmaceutical space – the perfect crossroads of my degree and automation. Apart from applying my knowledge, I wanted to quickly advance in my career and having an employer that fostered employee growth became increasingly important to me.

Shortly after starting, I realized my previous knowledge could only serve as a foundation for my career. Through each project I was learning, growing my skillsets and getting to know the people in this relatively small field, but I felt like overall growth was still limited. After some successfully completed projects, I was asked to support the integration of pharmaceutical equipment at a new Fill-Finish plant.

During this time and with so many experienced people around me, I was interested in learning from all of them and that is exactly how I met Aaron Groom, a long-time Hallam employee. Working with him and Dalton Sheehan helped me see Hallam’s collaborative culture, and their constant attempt to maintain work-life balance even when timelines were approaching, or tasks became overwhelming. It was through this time of working closely with them and the rest of the team at the customer site that I gained the confidence and motivation to look for new work opportunities. Little did I know I would end up joining the very team that Aaron and Dalton were a part of: the Hallam team.

As I looked around, Hallam-ICS came up during a few conversations and after learning more about them, I felt this could be the company I was looking for. They cared about individuals’ interests and their potential for growth more than companies normally do. Shortly after interviewing, I was offered the opportunity to relocate to Austin to work on a large project in the semiconductor industry. Even though I would be jumping into a different industry, I was excited and honored by the opportunity to transition into a fast-growing space along with immense growth opportunity offered by Hallam.

Being at Hallam, I can admit I got exactly got I bargained for: a huge learning opportunity with a people-driven company that not only cares about my input but never fails to challenge me. I can confidently say I have found the ideal employer that I so anxiously looked for as a college student to be a catalyst for my personal and professional development.