My Hallam Story
Dalton Sheehan

Base Office: Malta, NY


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Dalton Sheehan | Controls Engineer

Towards the end of my senior year at SUNY Delhi, which was only a few months ago at the time I’m writing this; a pandemic hit. Yes, I was the class of COVID 2020 and much like everyone else, my road ahead was uncertain. I had learned about Hallam-ICS months before from an upper classmate who spoke highly of their business practices and job diversity. I was intrigued and did some research into them, after going through the main page and reading some forums I knew that I had to contact them. I made a cold call to Aaron Groom (actually left an awkward voicemail) and he quickly got back to me with where to send my resume.

As the weeks went by, I found myself in a predicament (other than being in the middle of a pandemic); there was another Controls position that I was applying for and they made me an offer. I hadn’t received an offer from Hallam yet so I did what any soon to be graduate would do, I accepted. But I was left feeling that if I could still get an offer from Hallam I would leave. Personally, it was tough not to send an email to Aaron explaining that I had accepted another offer; but after seeking advisement, I was told to get all the options I could and then pick the best one. Well I’m glad that I followed that advice and here I am now sharing my Hallam story. There may not be many “Hallam stories” of mine yet, but as of now I can confidently say that Hallam has given me a strong foundation with great coworkers during a time of great uncertainty.