My Hallam Story
Jeff Speroni

Base Office: Mansfield, MA


MEP Engineering

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Jeff Speroni | Sr. Mechanical Engineer

I joined Hallam-ICS in April 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I joined as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer, and have a strong technical background in building mechanical systems and MEP/FP project management.

I was originally approached to join Hallam-ICS by Keith Flaherty. Besides finding it interesting that the president of the company was taking such an active role in recruiting, I was immediately impressed by the diverse and technically challenging work in the company’s portfolio. Equally impressive was the company’s social mission, and evidence that the staff actively spends their time and effort bettering their communities. After chatting with Keith and meeting with Jeff and Jamie I was blown away, and made the decision to join the company. The firm’s flexibility and dedication to its employees was evident during the interview process, and was definitely proven during my remote on-boarding!


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