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Jen McClory

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Jen McClory | Administrative Assistant

In early 2019 my husband asked how I would feel about the possibility of relocating to Vermont from our home in Northern Virginia.  After some quick internet searches to make sure I would have a local supply of books and craft supplies if we moved, I gave my wholehearted ‘sure’ in reply.  In June 2020 we made the move and haven’t looked back.  Because we relocated mid pandemic, I kept my same job for another year and a half and worked from home.  As workplaces in Virginia began to reopen and require staff to return to the office, it came time to look locally.  I had the privilege of being picky and finding just the right employer for me. 

When I saw the position at Hallam-ICS I spent a lot of time on the website reading about the workplace culture, the tradition of community service, and the values the company maintains.  The more I saw the more I wanted to learn, from reading blog posts, to seeing other Hallam stories from my potential colleagues.   I was impressed from the start, and only grew more so as I met employees through the interview and onboarding processes.  I’m excited to be here at Hallam-ICS and work with such a great group of people. 



Recent Posts by Jen McClory

Recent Posts by Jen McClory