My Hallam Story
Julian Estevez

Base Office: Middletown, CT


Commissioning and Validation

White Paper: Commissioning and V-Model

Jullian Estevez | Commissioning and Validation Associate

Ever since I can remember I would take my grandfather's tools from his shed and try to "fix" everything around the house. I've always been the type of person who likes to know how things work so I found myself always taking things apart to put them back together or, fixing something of mine that had broken. This obsession started as a kid when I would play with toys but quickly evolved into a passion for motorcycles, cars, and really anything that I can get my hands on.


My love for finding out how things worked and fixing those that didn't work led me into the field of HVAC right out of high school in 2017. During my career in HVAC, I became well versed in all things HVAC and worked as a commercial/residential service technician for about 3.5 years. Once COVID hit the market for service technicians became scarce with the fear of letting anyone into your home so, I went into new construction installs. While doing new construction I began to work a lot with engineers and construction and project managers to make sure the end users were happy with the products that I was installing.


Working alongside all the engineers and project managers piqued my interest, so before long I started to read and take classes on project/construction management because I wanted to be more involved in the design or mechanics behind the units I was installing. After a few short months of learning some new skills, I began to look at entry level opportunities into engineering/commissioning, which led me to finding Hallam. As soon as I read the job description and learned a little bit about the company I immediately reached out to Matt Reed and Keith Sheldon. What really intrigued me about Hallam was that the company is 100% employee owned. Also, I love knowing that I work in an environment where although profit is a large part of running a successful business Hallam and my colleagues care more about a proper work life balance and the overall health and success of the team. One thing in particular that really opened my eyes to how great Hallam really is was finding out that every year all of the offices pick a day to go out and give back to the community.