My Hallam Story

Base Office: Malta, NY


Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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Justin Houghten | Project Manager

While in my senior year at Vermont Technical College, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering, I met with John Butterfield about a potential employment opportunity with Hallam-ICS. While John didn’t need the support himself, he referred me to Scott King. After my first meeting with Scott, and seeing how the atmosphere of the office was, I knew immediately Hallam was where I wanted to be.

It didn’t happen right away; in fact it was nearly a year of weekly emails back and forth with Scott about where the company was at. During that time I took on odd jobs such as a knife salesman and a construction worker. I always kept my eyes open for other opportunities, but nothing sparked my interest quite like Hallam-ICS had.

Finally the time came, and I was offered a job with Hallam doing Arc Flash Engineering. For a year I worked in the Vermont office learning all that I could. Around that time, there was talk of sending someone down to the North Carolina office to support our endeavors in that area. I jumped at the chance. I have not looked back, and couldn’t be happier.

I spend a lot of my free time training for my first Spartan Race, and with the friends I have made at Hallam.


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