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Karen Hinckel

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Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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White Paper: 8 Steps to Create an Electrical Safety Program


Karen Hinckel |LMS Administrator

Many people will say that a job is just a job, a means of supporting yourself and your family. But I disagree. I think a job should be more than just a means to an end. For me, a good job should be something that you enjoy, allows you to grow, and enables you to help others.

Always on the administrative and support side, I’ve worked in several different fields over the years and have always been drawn to those that help people. Whether helping a differently abled adult find a job; helping a student get an education; assisting those struggling with hard personal times; or training a technician to work more safely on their job, if I could be a part of helping to make things better for someone, then that was the place for me.

In looking into the LMS Administrator position at Hallam-ICS, I found a perfect match. At Hallam, I would have a challenging job, but more importantly their “work to live, not live to work” policy would allow me to balance my family and work time. Bonus, not only could I continue to help others through the training program, but I would also be able to help through Hallam’s social mission.

The people at Hallam are kind, dedicated, and willing to listen and work together to make a positive difference. I am so excited to see what the future holds!



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