My Hallam Story
Mike Pimentel

Base Office: Mansfield, MA


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Michael Pimentel | Controls Engineer II

Starting very young I had an interest in Alternative Energy – in particular, using the sun to power small motors for little toy cars I had made at Engineering camps over the Summer. This led me to look for a college that provided a Renewable Energy program which landed me at New England Institute of Technology where I obtained my Degree in Electrical Technology with Renewable Energy. While at school I took some classes that dealt with Process Control that I enjoyed very much. After taking about a 6 month break, I found out that the Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering also provided classes that dug deeper in the realm of Process Control so, without hesitating I signed up to continue on for my Bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2017. One of my professors, who was also the head of the Bachelor’s program, was a huge advocate for careers in the automation world and funny enough is connected to my current boss Sam Lacasse.

I met Sam Lacasse through the career center at NEIT and was able to speak with him regarding the position. After seeing that Hallam-ICS was not afraid to jump into a variety of different industries I knew I wanted to work for Hallam. I informed Sam I was very interested in working for Hallam and was invited in for an interview where I spoke with both Sam and Jeff Silcox. Towards the end of the interview I asked them both a question, “What do you like most about working at Hallam?” to which they both responded very positively saying that there was always room to learn, grow and improve, and Hallam has offered that to them since day one. 
Several Days later I received an offer and the rest is history.  I look forward to many great years at Hallam-ICS!