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Natasha Yaryna | Marketing Manager

My Hallam story started with a work-study position at Vermont Technical College in 1992. As if being 18, far away from my homeland of Moscow, Russia and attending college wasn’t enough; I felt I had to keep myself more occupied. I took up a work-study at the Registrar’s office.  My friendship with my boss and her family that began while I was in college, turned out to be a life-long one and gave me a start in life in America.

When the time came to get a job, my boss’ husband, Dave MacMartin, who was with Hallam at the time, suggested I meet with his friend and colleague, John Butterfield. I had my first, and one of only two interviews in my life. I got the job as an administrative assistant. 

Fast-forward 20+ years - the journey I took with Hallam still continues. Working at Hallam outlined my life path and I literally grew up in Hallam culture. My career and my life unfolded as Hallam changed over the decades: from an administrative assistant fresh out of Vermont Tech to managing all of Hallam’s marketing functions with a Master’s degree under my belt.

When people ask me what it is like working at Hallam, I say it’s not a job – it’s way of life… a life style. Like many Hallamites, I do what I truly love – continuously learning and working on projects that colleagues and clients need and appreciate and… giving it all I’ve got. There is no limit to how much one can apply her or himself in this company. All that, while living a balanced life with time for my family and being surrounded by people who are supportive through thick and thin.


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