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Ralph Parrett

Base Office: Dallas, TX


Arch Flash and Electrical Safety

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Ralph Parrett | Director of Electrical Safety Services – Midwest

I have always been fascinated with how engineering systems work and even more amazed at finding similarities of basic principles across different engineering mediums.  The work we do at Hallam makes a real difference in people’s lives. Hallam-ICS provides services that are not solely based on transactions or just delivering a product or service. We all believe in creating a relationship with our customers to where even they feel like they are a part of the Hallam-ICS family. It is an extremely rewarding experience and supportive work environment. As part of the Arc Flash division of Hallam-ICS, it’s difficult to pick just one project I have gotten to work on that has been more fulfilling than the others. Thanks to the service provided, we are helping people stay safe by providing multiple avenues of communication regarding how to stay safe.

Working for a company that sees the importance of “Working to Live not Living to Work” allows me time to do things that inspire me as a person. Since day one, I have felt like I’ve been a part of the Hallam-ICS family even with me being a satellite employee in Dallas, TX. Every employee has been extremely supportive to me and my family.


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