My Hallam Story

Base Office: Mansfield, MA


Commissioning and Validation

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Rick Harper | Project Manager

Rick is responsible for all aspects of commissioning from design review through project execution and closeout. He also manages the installation of a variety of systems for nanotechnology centers and cleanrooms with toxic gas monitoring system requirements.

"My first experience with Hallam-ICS was as a client. I was working in the Semiconductor field and part of a small operation that was growing rapidly. We needed to upgrade our Toxic gas monitoring system. The Hallam folks came in with the latest technology and ultimately provided us with a system that would grow with us. 20 years later, when the LED division I was part of was sold to China, my office buddy and I found ourselves looking for work.

Hallam had a satellite office right next door to the semi-conductor building where I worked. My buddy and I already knew several key players at Hallam so we went to visit them. Jeff, the Hallam office director, told us at the time he only had a position for one of us. My buddy got the job. I was disappointed but, living on a beautiful lake I decided to take the summer off and enjoy a nice vacation boating with my son. In the fall I received a call from my Hallam buddy, who was working staff augmentation at Intel. He told me about an opportunity working for a competitor who had won the bid for a major tool install at Intel. I went to work for the competitor. I spent almost two years producing tool install packages and other design work on base build projects at Intel. The work was starting to peter out when I got another call from my Hallam buddy. Hallam had a major Cx job at Harvard and needed to hire engineers. He told me to go see Jeff. I spoke with Jeff and started working for Hallam two weeks later."