My Hallam Story
Tori Kushner

Victoria Kushner | Mechanical Engineer

During the spring of 2017, I was a junior at the University of Vermont attending the Spring Career Fair when I met Linda Kronoff from Hallam-ICS. We chatted for a few minutes while she told me about the work Hallam does and the company environment – I was especially interested in the small company atmosphere and the dog-friendly office. I gave Linda my resume and applied online later that day. I ended up being chosen for the Summer 2017 Engineering Intern position.

While I was a summer intern, I learned more than I ever expected to at Hallam-ICS. Immediately, I was involved in a variety of projects and roles – from CAD work to product research to project administration and more on small and large projects. I was thankful for everyone I worked with for answering my numerous questions and working with me as I learned new information. As my summer internship was coming to an end, Bill Neuberger called me into his office with an offer to extend my work at Hallam as a part-time intern during my senior year – and I happily accepted.

My school-year employment continued to be worthwhile and educational despite my part-time status. I was able to supplement my classes at UVM with real-world skills and dive deeper into AutoCAD and Revit – something the Mechanical Engineering students at UVM are not required to learn per curriculum. As I progressed as a senior, I started to think more about what in the world I wanted to do as a career. My involvement with the Race to Zero program, a student design competition with the challenge of designing a net-zero energy home, as a personal hobby my junior year and as a senior design project led me to be interested in building design. My involvement with Hallam-ICS as an intern led me to my decision to pursue building design and work towards attaining my Professional Engineer license.

As my graduation date creeped closer, I was spending many hours a week job searching in Vermont, back home in Maryland, and way out in California. I asked Bill to be a reference and for any advice he had for a soon-to-be engineer. His response surprised me by also offering an interview with Hallam for a full-time position after graduation. As this was early in the year, we decided to wait on the interview until the spring. However, I received an employment offer from another Vermont company, which moved up my interview date to the day I told Bill of the other offer.

I sat down later that day with Bill, Linda, and Keith Flaherty to discuss my time and experiences at Hallam and receive an offer of employment. In the end, I chose Hallam because of its small company work environment, social mission, and the respect and appreciation I receive from everyone at Hallam. I believe I am not just ‘one of the numbers’ at Hallam, and that the work we do makes a difference. I look forward to many more learning experiences at Hallam as I start my career as a Mechanical Engineer.

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