WEBINAR: TGMS Service and Maintenance Program

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30-minute Webinar


Vin Calio2

Vin Calio

Process Controls Manager

"I am an Electrical Engineer with 15 years of experience in automation and control systems. Prior to joining Hallam-ICS, I worked for an OEM builder of custom automation and inspection systems. These systems incorporated technologies such as PLC’s, industrial robots, machine vision, etc. During this time, I was involved in many aspects of automation, from engineering design to programming."

In this webinar I will discuss the recommended scheduled maintenance for a Toxic Gas Monitoring System or TGMS. You will learn about the different aspects of maintaining such a system and how often this work should be performed in order to ensure that this important, life safety system is performing per specification. The webinar will also cover the major components of a comprehensive maintenance plan followed by the risks associated with inadequate maintenance.

Your TGMS Service and Maintenance Program should cover the following topics:

  • Responsibilities
  • Procedure Development
  • Document Control
  • Visual Inspections
  • Recommissioning
  • Filter Replacement
  • Chemical Tape Changes
  • Integration Support
  • Gas Challenging and Calibration

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