Case Study: Major Semiconductor Manufacturer

Hallam-ICS is a recognized leader in the design, installation, programming and commissioning of TGMS in semiconductor manufacturing and research facilities. Our experience includes the design, installation and integration of over 8,000 gas detection points. These points include highly toxic, pyrophoric, flammable and oxygen deficient detection points.


Partial Project Team

Kristian Montenegro

Kristian Montenegro, Senior Project Manager

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Mike Lorenz, Mechanical Engineer

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New Fab Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Northeast United States


A leading-edge semiconductor manufacturer committed over $10 Billion to build their campus with a goal of becoming the largest foundry in the United States.  Construction of the new Fab was a significant undertaking with an aggressive schedule. To select a provider of the Toxic Gas Monitoring System (TGMS) for the site, several items were identified as being important:

  • Ability to meet fast-track schedule
  • Attention to detail (Life Safety System)
  • In-house design, programming and commissioning
  • Financial strength (bonding to $10 Million)

New Fab Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Hallam-ICS was chosen to provide the TGMS and what was important to our client became everything to Hallam-ICS.

To meet the schedule and maintain progress, Hallam-ICS staffed the team with experienced in-house project management, TGMS code experts, control system engineers and commissioning engineers. Our team formed a tight connection with the construction manager and the owner, having several progress meetings to make sure the final system met all expectations. The system is based upon Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC’s and GE Cimplicity front-end, while utilizing Honeywell gas detection equipment.

Hallam-ICS instituted a “zero defect” policy and developed an in-house web-based design tool that provided automated error checking and generation of PLC code and commissioning documents. This application greatly improved overall quality and enabled Hallam-ICS to meet the aggressive schedule despite regular design changes.

All key project milestone dates were met while also delivering a thoroughly commissioned system to insure a safe and reliable manufacturing environment.

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