Case Study: MIT Lincoln Labs

Implementing a secure, uniform site-wide system for enhanced safety and emergency response.


Partial Project Team

Kristian Montenegro

Kristian Montenegro, Senior Project Manager

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Mike Lorenz, Mechanical Engineer

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Site-Wide Toxic Gas Monitoring

Lexington, MA


MIT Lincoln Laboratory “have stretched the capabilities of technology ever since the Laboratory’s establishment in 1951.”  As the facility grew and changed through the years, the toxic gas monitoring system was developed for each individual laboratory, leading to separate “islands” of gas monitoring.  The site was looking to upgrade their TGMS to a dedicated and uniform site wide system.

Having a long and successful history of working together, MIT-LL selected Hallam-ICS to lead the design of the new site safety system.  Working closely with the MIT-LL team, Hallam-ICS developed an overall User Requirement Specification to serve as the roadmap for implementation.

Step one was to design and install a secure and redundant fiber network to serve as the backbone for the system.  The next step was to upgrade the SCADA and VIEW nodes in the Security Center and to begin migrating individual laboratories on to the new system. 
Upon completion the new platform offered site-wide standardized, high performance, flexible, and reliable gas safety system, providing the critical and detailed emergency response information needed to quickly protect people, equipment and laboratories across the entire campus.

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