My Hallam Story
Chris Johnson

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation



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Chris Johnson| Senior Software Engineer

I’ve been interested in engineering ever since high school when I was able to get involved in electronics and drafting programs offered through my school.  Through those programs I was able to explore several different areas of interest from design to implementation, working with discrete components and integrated circuits, as well as fiber optics.  Throughout college and as I began my career, I began to gravitate more and more towards the programming and data management fields.  This path has allowed me to work on solutions in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking, and legal industries. 

Since I have been at Hallam, I have been constantly impressed by the culture that has been cultivated here.  Everybody supports each other to ensure not only that quality work is being produced, but also that a good healthy balance is able to be kept.  It truly is a team, with everybody working together to make sure that the highest quality of service is maintained.  I am also happy to be part of an organization that recognizes it is part of a larger community and strives to help that community through charity and community service. 

I’m excited to continue my career here and look forward to seeing how we are able to grow together!