My Hallam Story
Courtney Allen

Base Office: Apex, NC

Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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Courtney Allen |Regional Manager – South Atlantic

My Hallam story begins before I even graduated college.  It was my junior year at the University of Vermont and I was trying my hardest to find any engineering internship that would take me.  At first, all of my options included large corporations, and I was already intimidated by the thought of working for a huge company.  Most of my studies at UVM included small circuit design and coding, so design/consulting engineering were foreign words to me.  A family friend knew I was in the market for an internship and she told me about Scott King and the company he worked for, Hallam-ICS.  She reached out to him and before I knew it I had an interview set up with Scott.  I had only experienced a couple other interviews before hand and was very nervous to impress.  Scott could not have been more welcoming and by the end of the interview he was walking me around the office introducing me to everyone as the new intern.  I would also like to point out that I did not realize I had the position until Scott started introducing me as the new intern; he never actually told me!

Fast forward about a year, and I was quickly approaching graduation in the spring of 2013.  My year as an intern opened my eyes to a whole different side of engineering, and I very much enjoyed it.  I was offered a fulltime position with the company and accepted the offer before graduation.  In my three-plus years since graduating college I have had the privilege of working with a great group of people, both in my home state of Vermont and my new home here in North Carolina.  The company atmosphere is exactly what I was looking for and I have gained many friendships because of it.  I am able to bring my ideas to the table and know that they will be heard and discussed with everyone on the team.   I continue to work on projects that both interest me and challenge me.  I am excited to see where the rest of my Hallam story takes me.


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