My Hallam Story
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Base Office: Malta, NY


Process Controls and Plant Automation

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Jason Barry | Controls Engineer

After I graduated from Lehigh University, I joined a system integrator in Chicago, Illinois. Four years later, I had learned four new programming languages, a few different software packages, and the details of industrial processes ranging from paint to oil and gas to food. I felt as though I had established a foothold in the industry and was ready to continue growing.

I moved back to the East Coast and during the job search process I found Hallam-ICS. From the first phone call with the CEO Keith Flaherty, I knew this was a great company for which I could see myself working. I joined Hallam’s Malta, NY office in 2017 and began working heavily in the semiconductor industry designing and building toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS). Hallam has a great culture of work-life balance, teamwork, and community service. As an ESOP company, Hallam not only empowers its employees to make the company successful, but also lets them share in the rewards of that success.

In my time at Hallam, I’ve continued to work in the semiconductor industry and have branched out into pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and others. Hallam-ICS remains a great fit for me and I look forward to our continued growth and success as a company!