Apr 19, 2018 | Written by Jamie Godbout | Process Control and Plant Automation

Inductive Automation's Ignition: Tips, Tricks, and Cheats-How To Use Nested UDT Tags Within Templates


The problem I want to discuss here comes up when you need to reference a user define data type (UDT) that is nested within another UDT, and has been passed into a template as a parameter.


Mar 29, 2018 | Written by Steve Comeau | Process Control and Plant Automation, Manufacturing Intelligence

Microsoft Access Databases Are Still Popular

Over the years from the mid-1990s until the present, I have developed many Microsoft (MS) Access database applications for clients and for in-house projects.  Most of these databases are still in use at client sites and others are still used within Hallam-ICS on projects.


Feb 15, 2018 | Written by Ray Racine | Process Control and Plant Automation

Where Have My Serial Ports Gone? A SLC5/05 To CompactLogix Solution.

For those of you who, like myself, have been in this automation game for a while, you may have noticed a steep decline in the availability of native serial ports on your PLC.  We have all of this fantastic Ethernet connectivity, of which I am a huge fan; but that doesn’t do me any good for all of the legacy stuff I still have to talk to.


Feb 08, 2018 | Written by Dylan Hamel | Process Control and Plant Automation

Transferring Data Between Disparate Control Systems

If you have spent time on a construction site, you would likely agree that poor communication is one of the problems that hinders every contractor. As system integrators, not only are we affected by communication breakdowns between individuals, but also by the communication breakdowns between equipment.


Jan 29, 2018 | Written by Aaron Groom | Process Control and Plant Automation

Three Automation Technologies To Look At In 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)and Industry 4.0 are allowing factories to improve performance by gaining access to detailed plant data and presenting it so that employees at all levels of an organization can make better decisions more quickly.  The challenge we face when implementing the IIoT is gaining access to data, analyzing data, and presenting it so that is actionable.  Here are three new technologies that will help in each area in 2018:


Jan 04, 2018 | Written by Shawn Gwin | Process Control and Plant Automation, Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence 2018 Outlook

The Manufacturing Intelligence Team at Hallam-ICS currently provide a variety of services from Data Analytics to Custom Multiplatform Applications for our customers. However, the future of Manufacturing Intelligence is changing very rapidly and therefore, our team will need to adapt to these future technologies in order to offer our customers the best tools to do their jobs efficiently. Here are a few new technologies that will help us capture, analyze and display data in whole new ways in 2018 and beyond.


Dec 13, 2017 | Written by Sam Lacasse | Process Control and Plant Automation

Lessons Learned

Many times in life we look back and ask what could we have done better? Or, if the situation was something more dramatic we say "I'm not doing that again”. In either case we are always striving for a more positive outcome in everything we do.


Dec 06, 2017 | Written by Aaron Groom | Process Control and Plant Automation

Mr. Whiskers Goes to Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair

Mr. Whiskers is my daughter's favorite Beanie Boo and he traveled to Houston Texas with me to attend Rockwell Automation's annual gathering at this year's Process Solution User Group (PSUG) and Automation Fair.  We learned about a lot of new technologies and software that Rockwell and their partners are offering.  Mr Whiskers loves Legos, so our first stop was the First Lego booth!


Nov 16, 2017 | Written by Shawn Gwin | Process Control and Plant Automation, Manufacturing Intelligence

4 Low Cost Options for Training on Topics like Microsoft .Net and Azure

I have been a software developer for over 20 years in Upstate New York. In that time, I have had the opportunity to attend over a dozen professional conferences. Usually these conferences are offered in venues that are thousands of miles away from where I live. Attending one of these conferences involves paying for flights, hotels and car rentals. In addition, these conferences usually cost a few thousand dollars for their registration fee.  Once you arrive at one of these large conferences, you and thousands of your peers are herded into huge rooms to listen to keynotes and breakout sessions.


Nov 07, 2017 | Written by Pete Niarchos | Process Control and Plant Automation

A Drive To The Symposium - Not Just A Seminar, A Symposium!

On October 24, 2017 Horizon Solutions, Rockwell Automation and Hallam-ICS co-sponsored a Drives Symposium, a technical seminar focused on Variable Frequency Drive technology and applications. The free, full-day seminar was held at the Double Tree Hotel in South Burlington with a target audience of Engineers, Maintenance and Technical Managers employed by local manufacturing and industrial companies.  The response was tremendous as over 50 people, form 19 different organizations, signed up for the event. Personally, it was wonderful to see and catch-up with some familiar clients but was equally great to meet some new folks in the process.