My Hallam Story
Jeff Babineaux

Base Office: Apex, NC

Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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Jeff Babineaux, PE  |Senior Electrical Engineer

Sometimes the shoe just fits. My Hallam-ICS journey began long before starting a position in the Apex office in 2022. For the first several visits to meet the team and the area, Hallam’s core values, social mission, and positive work environment felt like a call to come home. Our steady influx of varied, highly technical and specialized work matches nicely with the kid who first tried to take apart a Casio keyboard with a hammer, and then learned that a screwdriver, while slower, was much more helpful for the things that need to be put back together.

I know I’m not alone. Learning the hard way followed by an easier way has been a benchmark of the engineering process since Edison learned a thousand ways not to make a light bulb. My team has my back in a way that only a diverse group can, where at least one person has fought a similar battle with hard-won lessons to share. This esprit de corps shines through in quality work, commitment to the success of the group, and focus on the community.

All of this makes me happy to be a part of a Certified B-Corporation where I can share my experience, which includes 7 years of prefab construction, electrical, and utilities work as well as boots-on-the-ground troubleshooting to find a solution that is elegant, appropriate, and focused on the priorities of our clients.


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