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Commissioning and Validation

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Matt Reed | Commissioning Engineer

In 2007 I received a call from an engineering firm I had recently applied to. The folks at Hallam-ICS wanted me to come in for an interview. During the interview I learned more about the company, talked about my experience and background, answered some technical questions, and some other standard interview questions. I was very impressed during the interview because, it didn’t feel so much like an interview. It was more like a professional conversation; not that it was informal but, more personal than I imagined it would be. As the interview was wrapping up, I was offered a position as a commissioning associate, and was asked if the benefits package could be sent to my Mystic, CT address. Right then I knew that something wasn’t right. I didn’t live in Mystic anymore. I was told that was the address on my resume. Uh oh, I sent the wrong revision of my resume…not too big of deal, right? I was hoping they would overlook this minor mix-up. I had a copy of my current resume with me and gave it to Jeff, the Massachusetts regional manager and one of the VPs of the company, who were interviewing me. When they pulled out the resume that I had sent I realized just how big of a mistake I had made. The resume I sent was totally blank with the exception of my name, my phone number, email address, and my OLD mailing address in the header! When I asked him how I even got the interview after sending a blank resume he replied, “I just had to meet the guy who had the stones to send a totally blank resume!”

I was and continue to be impressed with the value that our company places in its employees, how they valued Joel’s (my initial contact person based in the VT office) opinion and were willing to meet me even after sending a blank resume and that my resume wasn’t simply given a number and then discarded after an initial computer screening.

We have a moto we share with our clients - well it’s more of a mission statement than just a moto, “what is important to you, is everything to us”. This is also how the company treats its employees. The men and women who run and shape this company understand that the company IS the people. It is this principle that allowed me to be part of the Hallam family, and to share my Hallam story.

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