My Hallam Story

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Mike Abair | Controls Engineer

I began my path to engineering in 1991 at Vermont Technical College where I earned an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I started working on my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering shortly thereafter at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I joined Hallam in 1994 as a co-op; the term for intern back then was co-op but, really it means the same thing. As an intern I was presented with seemingly simple survey tasks that usually ended up being rather challenging. For example, I would be told, “go find this valve”. Of course, there was no mention of the fact that the valve would be found over 20 feet off the ground. I did lots of climbing, through a lot of dust and learned to always carry a flashlight. On the plus side, hauling ladders all over IBM was a great work out!

By 1996, Hallam hired me full time as a Mechanical Engineer. After about 4 years I moved into the controls group where I am currently. Our location has changed (Swift Street, Hinesburg Road, and Farrell/Eastwood) and many of the faces have changed but, I still enjoy being part of the Hallam team.


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