My Hallam Story
Ralph Folkes

Base Office: Austin, TX


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Ralph Folkes | Senior Controls Engineer

After spending some quality time at Texas A&M I ended up in the Navy and eventually on the USS Houston (SSN-713) working in the nuclear power plant.  You can see this boat in the movie Hunt for Red October.   They called it the USS Dallas but the external film shots were of the USS Houston.  After the Navy I worked in the Photolithography department at Samsung Austin Semiconductor.  Following that I decided to try an adventure in working on oil drilling rigs where I was performing the same role that Mark Wahlberg portrayed in the movie Deepwater Horizon however, he just isn’t as good looking as me so I give him a 3/10 in that role.   It was in this role that I really got into PLC controls and automation and really enjoyed that part of the job.  I went on to work for a system integrator in Texas doing primarily water and wastewater systems. 

Keith Flaherty reached out to me via LinkedIn and wanted to discuss getting me to join Hallam.  I was intrigued by the potential for job growth and exposure to bigger and more complex systems.  I relish a challenge and learning new things and was excited about the potential this job holds. The fact that the company is employee owned was a nice cherry on top.


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