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Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

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John Kurowski | Senior Engineer

In the summer of 2013, I retired after 30 years – technically - from a multi-national company with 400,000 employees. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to work next, nor was I sure how quickly I wanted to start working again. Two days after I retired, I received an email from the Hallam-ICS CEO. He asked me if I would like to come in for an interview, to which I replied yes. Six days after I retired, I met with Keith Flaherty, Dan Maxwell, and Jim Blais. I understood and was interested in the technical portion of the job description; but more importantly, I was impressed with the people. I thought to myself, I would like to be a part of this team. Much to my surprise, and at the end of that same meeting, Keith said the same to me. At some point after that first meeting, Keith also said to me, I want you to interview with other companies because if you choose to work at Hallam-ICS, I don’t want you to look back over your shoulder for missed opportunities.

There were additional meetings and emails after that date, and I formally accepted a job offer from Hallam-ICS approximately 30 days after I retired. In hindsight, I often tell the same story very differently. I sum it up by saying, I retired on a Thursday and had a new job the following Wednesday. I’m comfortable saying it that way because I realize now that I had made up my mind to work at Hallam-ICS during that very first meeting. I have enjoyed working at Hallam-ICS for several years now, I have great friends with whom I work, and I am fully committed to making Hallam-ICS a long, second career. I’m not looking back over my shoulder

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