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Commissioning and Validation

White Paper: Commissioning and V-Model

Keith Sheldon, QCxP | Commissioning & Validation Manager

My Hallam story began in Burlington, VT in November 2000 when I was hired to work in the Controls Group on the Toxic Gas Monitoring team. I quickly found myself working on a year and half long design project awarded to Hallam-ICS. Most of my time was spent developing wiring drawings and panel layouts. In 2003 the project came to an end and Hallam-ICS, like many other companies, was starting to feel the effects of the downward spiral of the economy happening at the time. The Toxic Gas Monitoring business, being the specialty that it was, dried up some and I was unfortunately laid off in April of that year.

At 27, not knowing where to go or what to do next, I decided to move from the Burlington, VT area back to my home state of NY, where I began to pursue other opportunities. It was then I decided to pursue my master’s in Business Administration. As part of the registration process to start classes, I needed to provide professional references. Not having too many professional references at that time, I reached out to some of my former Hallam-ICS colleagues and asked them to provide a good word on my behalf so I could begin to write the next chapter in life.

Needless to say, the next chapter in life had a twist in it, and I never did attend graduate school. Instead I was offered a chance to come back to work for Hallam-ICS as a controls commissioning agent. Hallam-ICS had just been awarded a commissioning project in Connecticut and was looking for people to relocate to the area for a 12-14 month project. There was no guarantee that I would be employed after that project but it was an opportunity that I jumped at. I knew from my Vermont experience that Hallam-ICS was a company I wanted to be a part of, even if it was in a location far away from the office, the people and the culture that I had known previously. That 12-14 month job turned into 13 more years with Hallam-ICS, watching and being part of the growth of both the Massachusetts and Connecticut offices. I worked alongside other former Vermont employees to develop that same Hallam-ICS culture experienced in Vermont to a wide group of new employees who, like me, would spend their careers working and living far from the Vermont office.

On a personal side, the opportunity that was presented to me back in November of 2003 led to so many other new chapters in my life, more than I could ever have imagined at the time. I met my future wife while working on that very project in February of 2004, and we were married in July of 2006. We recently just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with our two kids who are now 8 and 6. Time sure does fly, when you’re having fun!

While with Hallam-ICS I have had the opportunity create many professional references. I have worked on many unique and challenging projects at locations that included world renowned pharmaceutical companies and many highly recognized colleges and universities.


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