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Posted by Keith Flaherty

At Hallam-ICS, Our Teams Love Engineering & People…..and Beer!

March 8, 2019

Yes, it’s true.  We do love Engineering and People (and beer) at Hallam-ICS.  And apparently, so do our clients, partners and community members.  Last year, we decided to put them all together into our first Hallam-ICS and BEER campaign.   We asked, and you HOPPED.We invited you to nominate your favorite non-profit organization and share your favorite brew.  In return, we entered you to win a gift certificate for a case of your favorite beer.

The response was great. We received over 400 nominations and learned about a lot of great non-profit organizations (as well as a slew of craft beer names!).  The top five most popular brews by the number of requests were Heady Topper by Alchemist, many varieties of Druthers, Very Hazy by Tree House, Jade IPA by Foothills and several hoppy libations by Switchback.  Our employees even got into the act, creating videos with their favorite beers.  The response was so good that we’ve decided to HOP again in 2018!

We created the Hallam-ICS Award for Community Service in honor of our founder.  Dave Hallam started the company in 1981 and his founding principles remain with us today.  When Dave retired from the company, we felt that there was no better way of recognizing him than to give to others.  Each year we select a 501c3 organization from each community that we have an office (currently 5) and present them with a check for $5,000 and a plaque. 

The Hallam-ICS Award for Community Service is made in honor of David Hallam, our company founder.  David established social responsibility as a cornerstone of our company mission, understanding the value of giving back to the communities in which we live and work.  In making this award, Hallam-ICS recognizes, supports and encourages your organization’s ongoing commitment to these same ideals.

Starting in 2014, a group of Hallam-ICS employees come together every year to choose the organizations to receive the award.  We focus on organizations that meet the mission of our Hallam-ICS Giving Tree:

The Hallam-ICS Giving Tree Committee primarily supports efforts undertaken on the behalf of children, age birth to eighteen years. Areas of our involvement include those programs that nurture children's interests and efforts in environmental conservation, programs that directly benefit a child, or children, (excluding annual class trips) by promoting health and wellness and personal growth, or programs that provide emergency aid.

We’ve selected some outstanding organizations through the years, including:

We’re asking you to help us select our 2018 winners, to nominate an organization in one of our communities that you feel does great work to help children and families.  If we select the organization you nominate, you’ll be entered to win a case of your favorite beer.  So, HOP on board and help us to support our communities!


 About the Author

Keith is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a BSEE and an MBA. He has been with Hallam-ICS since 1988 as an electrical engineer, manager of integration services, CFO, and CEO. He focuses the company on understanding and meeting the needs of each individual client while at the same time delivering the highest possible level of technical expertise.

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Keith Flaherty

By Keith Flaherty

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March 8, 2019

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