Apr 16, 2019 | Written by Ray Racine | Culturally Different, Social Mission

Spectrum Sleep Out-Sleeping Out For A Cause 2019

For the past several years, Hallam-ICS has participated in the Spectrum Sleep-out.  Spectrum is a Vermont based charity focused on Homeless and At Risk Youth.  Please do check them out at: 


Apr 02, 2019 | Written by Chuck Rainville | Culturally Different

Millions of Revolutions (the pedaling kind) In The Green Mountain State-Part 5

After the jump start I got off to in the Spring when I completed 18 more towns in my quest to discover and cycle all the paved roads of the Vermont Official Road Map, I had roads in 21 remaining towns and cities to complete by the time of the calendar flip to June.


Jan 31, 2019 | Written by Kristian Montenegro | Culturally Different, Social Mission, Employee Ownership

What Employee Ownership Means to Me

ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  To some people ESOP is simply another form of a retirement plan, and that is okay.  It means many different things to different people.


Jan 22, 2019 | Written by Ian Moldovan | Culturally Different, Social Mission, zz Service Day CT-MA

Hallam-ICS Service Day – CT/MA Offices 2018

Proud-the first word that comes to mind to describe my feelings about working for a company that pays its employees to volunteer a day of service at a local organization that betters the community in which we live and work. It’s part of our company’s Social Mission, and we call it Hallam-ICS’s Service Day.


Jan 15, 2019 | Written by Keith Flaherty | Culturally Different, Inspired Engineering

Hallam-ICS Becomes a Certified B-Corporation!

On December 17th, Hallam-ICS became a Certified B-Corporation, joining thousands of other purpose driven companies around the world committed to the concept that businesses exist for both purpose and profit.  On their website, B Lab states:


Jan 08, 2019 | Written by Chuck Rainville | Culturally Different

Millions of Revolutions (the pedaling kind) in The Green Mountain State-part 4

Continuing from my previous blog, the second day of riding on May 8th took us to Bennington County where I completed the roads of Sandgate, Arlington, Sunderland, Winhall and Manchester except for the Mount Equinox toll road. This road, like the Mt. Ascutney State Park road, is represented on the Official Road Map with a light green line type denoting a paved recreational highway. The days riding totaled 83 miles and over 5,000 feet of climbing.


Dec 18, 2018 | Written by Jennifer Barr | Culturally Different

2018-Lessons from the Front Desk

When you sit at the front desk you have the unique vantage point of seeing and hearing people from outside and inside the organization. I’ve learned lessons about integrity and good character from my fellow employees and clients.


Dec 11, 2018 | Written by Spencer Lambert | Culturally Different

Yogi For A Day

Every year, the employees at Hallam-ICS are treated to an amazing selection of activities, where people get to mingle, laugh and experience with the other employees- often not in their own direct work group. Not only does everyone get to have fun, they also get to know another side of their work colleagues!


Nov 27, 2018 | Written by Steve Matthews | Culturally Different, MEP Engineering

It's a Small World

Folks say it all the time! It’s a small world. What fortified it for me is the time my past employer asked me to fly overseas to a military base in South Korea. The Engineer of Record was not able to make the trip, and there had been some issues on a project where we needed to represent our interests and help the owner solve the issues.


Nov 13, 2018 | Written by Chuck Rainville | Culturally Different

Millions of Revolutions (the pedaling kind) In The Green Mountain State-part 3

In my last blog,  I described the progress made through 2017 on my quest to bike all the paved roads that appear on the Vermont Official Road Map. This second quest came on the heels of my first that began in 2010 to ride some part of the roads in each of the 251 Vermont towns and cities.