Mar 25, 2019 | Written by Shawn Gwin | Process Control and Plant Automation, Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems, Manufacturing Intelligence

When a screwdriver just won’t do… Building custom software tools for the job

Custom software applications can provide great benefit to plant automation and engineering teams. Any task that includes the management of large amounts of data, repetitive entries or utilizes the same information in multiple places lends itself to developing software that can automate these activities.  The benefits from a well


Dec 13, 2018 | Written by John Kurowski | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring – A Look Back at 2018 ACGIH TLV-TWA Changes

2018. Where did it go? As in many years, 2018 started like any other year and disappeared before we started writing the correct year on documents needing our signatures. READ MORE

Nov 15, 2018 | Written by Dan Maxwell | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring: Cross-Sensitivity or Cross-Interference

In the field of toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS) there is always the question of what conditions might affect the gas detection system other than the intended target gas. Gas detection technology is intended to detect specific chemical compounds in the monitored sample.


May 24, 2018 | Written by John Kurowski | Culturally Different, Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

My Midlife Crisis….at Hallam-ICS

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “oh, he’s just having a mid-life crisis”. This is said after someone does something or buys something completely out-of-character compared to the rest of his or her life.


Mar 15, 2018 | Written by Dan Maxwell | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Small Lab Toxic Gas Monitoring Solution

Hallam-ICS has been developing Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems (TGMS) for over two decades.  In recent years we have seen a need for small TGMS systems to support a small number of tools and gases.  Hallam-ICS is focused on bringing our experience to these smaller spaces in a price competitive manner while offering robust functionality found in larger systems.


Jan 11, 2018 | Written by John Kurowski | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Flammable Gas Sensors-Wonder Out Loud

Have you ever thought about your flammable gas monitoring? Have you really thought about how it works? If you have more than one flammable gas, did you ever wonder how one device can tell you percent of LEL for multiple gases knowing that each gas has a different 100% LEL?


Dec 18, 2017 | Written by Jim Blais | MEP Engineering, Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring System Design - 20 Years of Lessons Learned and Shared

For the past 20 years, I have been focused exclusively on designing Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems (TGMS). It has been quite a journey.  I’ve had the opportunity to work on many TGMS projects on a large scale. I’ve also had many opportunities to work in small R&D facilities with only one tool.


Aug 31, 2017 | Written by Dan Maxwell | MEP Engineering, Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Do You Have An HPM "Junk Drawer"?

Everyone seems to have a “junk drawer” at home.  It is the place that all the seldom used, but seemingly indispensable, items in our lives collect.  As individuals we can choose to clear out our personal middens.  But, what happens if your junk drawer at work contains hazardous production materials (HPM)?


Mar 16, 2017 | Written by John D. Cox, PE, CIH | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Management of Change Protocol for a Chemical or High Tech Facility

What is Management of Change (MOC)?

Management of Change, or MoC, is a best practice used to ensure that safety, health and environmental risks are controlled when an organization makes changes in their facilities, documentation, personnel, processes, experimental conditions or manufacturing operations.  MoC is a formal protocol explicitly required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under its Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its Risk Management Plan requirements called out in the Clean Air Act Amendments, where thresholds of hazardous chemicals stored onsite are exceeded.  


Jan 24, 2017 | Written by Dan Maxwell | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

The Latest in Gas Detection: New Technology for 2017

2017 Trends is a 5-part blog series that takes a look at how the latest technology, economic developments, evolving user expectations and changing industry standards might affect the way we all do business.