My Hallam Story

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Dan Maxwell | Senior Project Manager

I have enjoyed many things about my career at Hallam-ICS.  I was fortunate enough to find an opportunity with Hallam Engineering right at the wind-up to the anticipated Y2K disaster that never came.  My first assignment was working as a staff augmentation directly for IBM in Essex Jct., VT.  I spent so much time there that it wasn’t until I moved on to other clients that people in the Hallam office even knew who I was.  Once I made that connection to my fellow employees I found my favorite part of working at Hallam. 

Many of my early projects were supported by a team of employees referred to as the AT Group.  The Advanced Technology clients of the day had large projects requiring diverse skill sets and plenty of face to face work.  This meant that groups of us would travel to a client site and spend multiple days together working long hours and living out of suitcases.  We were young and fortunately, often sent to pretty interesting locations.  Making the best of the situation, we would explore cities and discover restaurants and bars.  We worked as a group to solve our workday problems with free-wheeling discussions over beers.  Some pretty innovative ideas came out of those nights. 

I found that clients understood what it was like to be away from home.  By sharing meals, and connecting as people rather than Client and Consultant, I made some great personal connections.  I met spouses and talked about hobbies and kids.  Several clients have made a point of connecting with us when they are vacationing in Vermont just to share a meal and enjoy the scenery. These personal connections and the diverse locations are some of my favorite Hallam experiences.


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