Dec 20, 2018 | Written by Steve Matthews | MEP Engineering

It's Noisy in this Room!

Engineers are faced with learning and applying codes and standards and have a responsibility to do the absolute best we can when helping a client on a project.  We learn most from our experiences through years of hard knocks and, of course, from other experienced Engineers.


Dec 18, 2018 | Written by Jennifer Barr | Culturally Different

2018-Lessons from the Front Desk

When you sit at the front desk you have the unique vantage point of seeing and hearing people from outside and inside the organization. I’ve learned lessons about integrity and good character from my fellow employees and clients.


Dec 13, 2018 | Written by John Kurowski | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring – A Look Back at 2018 ACGIH TLV-TWA Changes

2018. Where did it go? As in many years, 2018 started like any other year and disappeared before we started writing the correct year on documents needing our signatures. READ MORE

Dec 11, 2018 | Written by Spencer Lambert | Culturally Different

Yogi For A Day

Every year, the employees at Hallam-ICS are treated to an amazing selection of activities, where people get to mingle, laugh and experience with the other employees- often not in their own direct work group. Not only does everyone get to have fun, they also get to know another side of their work colleagues!


Dec 06, 2018 | Written by Chris Giusto | MEP Engineering, Combustible Dust

Combustible Dust Fundamentals & NFPA 652

With the compliance deadline for completing a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) less than two years away, and existing requirements already in place, it is a good time to revisit the “new” NFPA 652 Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust.  


Nov 29, 2018 | Written by Jamie Godbout | Process Control and Plant Automation

Ignition Tips, Tricks and Cheats-How To Dynamically Build Template Repeater Datasets


I was working on a template where I had to display steps in a sequence on the HMI. The number of steps could change from sequence to sequence and the template required a few parameters.


Nov 27, 2018 | Written by Steve Matthews | Culturally Different, MEP Engineering

It's a Small World

Folks say it all the time! It’s a small world. What fortified it for me is the time my past employer asked me to fly overseas to a military base in South Korea. The Engineer of Record was not able to make the trip, and there had been some issues on a project where we needed to represent our interests and help the owner solve the issues.


Nov 15, 2018 | Written by Dan Maxwell | Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

Toxic Gas Monitoring: Cross-Sensitivity or Cross-Interference

In the field of toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS) there is always the question of what conditions might affect the gas detection system other than the intended target gas. Gas detection technology is intended to detect specific chemical compounds in the monitored sample.


Nov 13, 2018 | Written by Chuck Rainville | Culturally Different

Millions of Revolutions (the pedaling kind) In The Green Mountain State-part 3

In my last blog,  I described the progress made through 2017 on my quest to bike all the paved roads that appear on the Vermont Official Road Map. This second quest came on the heels of my first that began in 2010 to ride some part of the roads in each of the 251 Vermont towns and cities.


Nov 08, 2018 | Written by Thomas Toppin | Process Control and Plant Automation

Programming with PlantPAx - Program Structure & Controller Configuration

The beauty of the Library of Process Objects is that there isn’t much that the AOI’s cant do.  Rockwell has done a wonderful job creating pre-canned logic that can account for almost every application.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it feels like overkill however knowing that all the features are available whether you use them or not is nice.