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Medallion Cookies

5 May-Groen

“My mom is from Denmark and her uncle was a well-known baker in Copenhagen.  My mom learned a lot from her uncle and became a very good baker herself (Which showed as I was a chubby kid).  This was one of her favorite recipes she brought with her across the pond and was always a big hit whenever she made them.”

~ Chris



3 Cups Flour

1 ½ Cups Sugar

1 Cup Butter

4 Egg Yolks


(1) box of pudding mix (not instant). Use light cream in lieu of milk.
Cook in a double boiler.


3 tablespoons of boiling water

3 cups of powdered sugar.

(For a little bonus, add some light cream to the mix!)


Work flour, sugar, and butter together with fingers. Slowly add egg yolk until all ingredients are mixed well, should be solid ball of cookie dough.  If ingredients are too dry and won’t bond, slowly add egg whites until a solid ball is created.

Roll dough out between two (2) pieces of wax paper until approximately 1/8” thick and then cut out circles with round glass top.  (We use a wine glass, but smaller cookies pop right in the mouth!)

Bake cookies at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes until pale gold.

Store in an airtight container overnight to make sure cookie is solidified.


Heat in a double boiler until combined.


add boiling water to powdered sugar (for a little bonus, add some light cream to the mix!). Stir sugar into the water until smooth.

Assembling the cookies:

This is a critical step and my mom was very strict!
Glaze the top cookie being careful to not go over the edges.
Add custard to the bottom cookie.
Put two haves together.
Add a small dab of jelly current to the top of the cookie.

This cookie can be enjoyed two ways, 1) when first made the cookie is crunchy and mixes well with the softness of the other ingredients.  But in this state the filling does tend to ooze out when bit in to. 2) But as good as they are when first made, when they have sat around a while and the cookie itself has softened, it allows you to take a bite with the filling staying intact.


Submitted by:

Chris Groen

Chris Groen

Project Manager

Apex, NC

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