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Improving Productivity with Custom Applications

Custom software applications can provide great benefit to plant automation and engineering teams. Any task that includes the management of large amounts of data, repetitive entries or utilizes the same information in multiple places lends itself to developing software that can automate these activities.  The benefits from a well designed and implemented application can include improved productivity and quality.

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Case Study: System Documentation Migration from Legacy to Modern

A producer of industrial minerals in Vermont with locations all over the world asked Hallam-ICS to migrate a legacy Access Database to a modern Web Application. The automation team has been using an Access Database to document the inputs/outputs (I/O) by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and card spread in different locations of the plant. The Access Database was first developed in the early 2000s. The team added features to it but also broke other existing ones.

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Faster Batch Reports from Multiple Data Sources

No one wants to wait minutes for a control system batch report to run. When reports need to run fast, design choices must be used that focus on the needs of the end user and consumers of the data. The standard for report design is to base the report data on “a single version of the truth”. This approach generally means getting the raw data for the reports as close to the source as possible. But in some cases this approach does not work well for the end user.

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Steve Comeau

- Steve Comeau

Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Developer

Case Study: A Data System for Reporting, Trending and Analysis

A university in New England has a large campus with many buildings, research facilities, and activity centers. The university facilities group needed a data system to aggregate utility and HVAC data from multiple control systems into a common time-series historian database for data reporting, trending, and data analytics. The OSIsoft PI System was chosen. 

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“The team was extremely easy to work with, and your knowledge of our environment and familiarity with our challenges made the process really efficient. Communication was excellent. We never experienced any downtime. I was surprised to see how fast you got started on the project and were able to provide a prototype. This really assured us and we knew then it would be successful. I was really impressed on how intuitive the application looked. You also added functionality for which we did not think to ask. I would definitely hire Hallam-ICS for another project.”


- Christian P.
Business Application Manager
Revision Military Inc.

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