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Sample Outline of Electrical Safety Program

Most facilities have maintenance staff or on-site electricians who, at times, may need to perform work on live electrical equipment.  Therefore, the qualified staff needs to perform live electrical work.  The electrical safety plan is your first line of defense against these types of incidents and addresses how to evaluate the risks and the lays out the safe work practices your staff should be following.


Sample Table of Contents

The purpose of the program is to ensure that employees who face a risk of electrical shock or related injuries are trained in appropriate electrical safety work practices.  In addition, employees that work around—but not on—electrical systems must be trained in the hazards associated with electricity.


Procedure Training

Sample Procedure

The level of electrical safety training provided is dependent on whether the employee is classified as a “qualified person” or “unqualified person.”  Some individuals may receive training for specific tasks and may be considered “task qualified”.  A person can be considered qualified with respect to certain equipment but still be unqualified for others.



Sample Electrical Design And Installation

Your Electrical Safety Program should include procedures necessary to address the electrical design and installation.  From equipment labeling to guarding of live parts, the program should help you recognize the hazards and enable you to deal with them in the appropriate and safe manner.


Electrical design install

Job briefings on electrical safety programs

SAMPLE: Job Briefing Form

The purpose of this form is to summarize and record all of the details BEFORE each energized work activity takes place. The briefing must cover such subjects as:

  • Hazards associated with the job
  • Work procedures involved
  • Special precautions
  • Energy source controls
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Information on the energized electrical work permit, if required 

Frequently Asked Questions


How does the program help with risk management?

The program helps  coordinate training for supervisors and employees, provides technical assistance and maintains overall effectiveness of electrical safety on a periodic basis.

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Why does my facility need a safety program?

The program helps to ensure that employees who face a risk of electrical shock or related injuries are trained in appropriate electrical safety work practices and compliant with NFPA 70E. 

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What is included in the electrical safety program?

Electrical Safety Program describes work practices for both qualified and unqualified persons working on or near premises wiring, wiring for connection to supply, other wiring and inspection.

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If a deficiency in safety is found during the program development, can you help?

As qualified electrical safety experts, we can work with you to bring your facility in compliance.

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