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Chris Font is an Electrical Design Engineer and has been with Hallam-ICS since 2015. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and is part of our North Carolina Team. He truly enjoys taking on challenges.
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Mar 01, 2018 | Written by Chris Font | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

Arc Flash Detection Relays: Stopping an Arc Flash at the Speed of Light


It is well known that the energy released during an arc flash event is governed by three variables.

  • The magnitude of the fault current
  • The working distance
  • The duration of the fault

Feb 06, 2018 | Written by Chris Font | Culturally Different, Social Mission, MEP Engineering

Krispy Kreme Challenge 2018

6:00 AM Saturday my alarm sings that familiar tune letting me know it is time to wake up. I take a look at my phone to see what the weather is like, 20°F, feels like 16°F – “perfect” I grumble to myself. As I roll out of bed I really begin to realize what is ahead of me.  People run outside year-round all over the country, some people would love 20°! 


Aug 10, 2017 | Written by Chris Font |

Five Steps to Etching a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

We all encounter things that have a way of mildly frustrating us.  Enough to bug us, but just not enough to go out of our way to correct.  It could be a sticky lock in desperate need of a spray of WD-40, a weed growing in the middle of the sidewalk, or a dusty tabletop.


Dec 22, 2016 | Written by Chris Font | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

Arc Flash Engineers, The Unsung Heroes

Electricians all across the country hear “arc flash study” and think of one thing fast - personal protective equipment or PPE for short. Frank is a maintenance man and doesn’t like that his place of work is about to have an arc flash study completed. 


Dec 13, 2016 | Written by Chris Font | Culturally Different, Social Mission

Hallam-ICS Does Career Day

Is the 8th grade too early to start on career choices? No, it is not.  Hallam recently participated in the first annual West Lee Middle School Career Day. Hallam was one of approximately 30 attendees at the function.  There was a variety of industries represented ranging from the United States Army to the Lee County Parks and


Jun 23, 2016 | Written by Chris Font | Culturally Different

M is for Miles and Misunderstandings

This year Hallam-ICS employees and their families came together in South Burlington, Vermont to celebrate the MEP engineering and control system company’s 35th year anniversary.  As a part of this celebration, participants were invited to choose from a variety of activities to enjoy during the day before all joining for a celebratory dinner.  I am a second-year employee of Hallam-ICS from North Carolina. This is my story of how I ended up getting in way over my head.