Aug 30, 2018 | Written by Dan Laird | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety, MEP Engineering

How to Interpret Harmonics Data – A Case Study

Power system harmonics are commonly created by Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), computer power supplies, and LED/fluorescent lighting. These devices draw distorted current which in turn distorts to overall voltage waveform.


Aug 27, 2018 | Written by Keith Flaherty | Inspired Engineering, Culturally Different

At Hallam-ICS, Our Teams Love Engineering & People…..and Beer!

Yes, it’s true.  We do love Engineering and People (and beer) at Hallam-ICS.  And apparently, so do our clients, partners and community members.  Last year, we decided to put them all together into our first Hallam-ICS and BEER campaign.   We asked, and you HOPPED.


Aug 23, 2018 | Written by Thomas Toppin | Process Control and Plant Automation

Programming Modicon Ethernet Messaging “The Right Way”

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project for a client of ours utilizing Schneider’s Unity Pro software and M340 PAC’s.  The project was a typical groundwater remediation site which included multiple treatment facilities and remote wells, all of which communicated with each other over a new cellular network.


Aug 21, 2018 | Written by Dan Laird | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety, MEP Engineering

How to Program an SEL-351 Digital Relay


The highest levels of arc flash energy are typically found at the secondaries of step-down transformers. This usually means the 480V main breakers, like the one shown above, will be over 40 cal/cm2. One method of mitigating this hazard is to install a manual reset recloser and digital relay on the primary side of the transformer.


Aug 16, 2018 | Written by Keith Flaherty | Inspired Engineering, Culturally Different

Hey Baby Boomers, Don’t Blame Millennials!

“I don’t get it!  Since when does a company need to provide more than a steady job with a competitive salary and good benefits?  We treat our people well.  Why isn’t this enough for Millennials?”


Aug 13, 2018 | Written by Scott King, PMP | Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

The 7 Steps to Complete an Arc Flash Analysis

It is important to understand the process and the “behind the scenes” details of an arc flash analysis. My other posts describe the importance of an Arc Flash Analysis: how it saves lives and how to find the right information, In general, the following seven steps are required for the completion of a thorough arc flash analysis:


Aug 09, 2018 | Written by William Neuburger | Inspired Engineering, Social Mission

On the Road from Greed to Giving

Our firm’s culture has included an aspect of social responsibility since Dave Hallam started in 1981 and the successor leaders and staff have expanded it. When I joined in 2010, it was a foreign idea to me that a firm would donate company money and pay employees to do volunteer work.


Aug 07, 2018 | Written by Jeff Silcox | Inspired Engineering, Culturally Different

How Does a Chairman of the Board Impact Their Company?

Earlier this year, I took on the job of Chairman of the Board at Hallam-ICS.  Last week, I was asked to speak at a company event and to address a question raised by one of our colleagues,


Jul 31, 2018 | Written by Brent Weigel, PhD | MEP Engineering

How to Choose the Best Humidification Systems for Your Facility

The hot and humid days of summer evoke more thoughts of cool and dry air conditioning than of how best to humidify indoor air. Despite the weather outside our windows, now is the time to prepare our buildings for the cold and dry days of winter.


Jul 26, 2018 | Written by Julie Gruenholz | Employee Ownership

Are You Still Working for the Man?

I work for Hallam-ICS, which is “100% ESOP”. This means that the employees own the entire company. I’m an employee, therefore I’m an owner. We’re all owners. None of us had to invest any money out-of-pocket. We just show up to work, do our jobs, and reap the benefits.